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Custom Kitchen Doors: Personalise Your Dream Kitchen

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At Transform Interiors, we’ve been enhancing kitchens since 1989. We are among the UK’s leaders in custom kitchen work. You can give your kitchen a new look without all the cost and hassle of a full renovation. Our wide selection includes options for both modern and traditional kitchens to suit your taste.

Choose from a variety of doors, worktops, sinks, and taps that fit your style. We serve areas like Hertfordshire, Essex, and Cambridgeshire. Let us help you make your kitchen truly yours. Contact us to get started at 01992 643 006 or fill out an enquiry form.

custom kitchen doors

Key Takeaways

  • Transform Interiors has been transforming kitchens since 1989.
  • Custom kitchen doors offer a budget-friendly option for a new look.
  • Our service reaches clients in Hertfordshire, Essex, and Cambridgeshire.
  • We have lots of door styles and finishes to choose from.
  • Get in touch to start creating your dream kitchen.

The Beauty of Personalisation with Custom Kitchen Doors

In our work with custom kitchen looks, we know the importance of custom kitchen doors. They are key to making a kitchen look and feel unique. These doors bring your style right into the heart of your home. We provide a wide choice of materials and finishes. This ensures each door is made with quality in mind.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

We pride ourselves on turning your dream kitchen into reality. Whether you prefer simple and modern or warm and traditional, we’ve got you. Check out our work in this link.

A Door for Every Kitchen Theme

Our range suits every kitchen style. We have everything from classic Shaker to chic Slab doors. Plus, there’s a big selection of finishes. You can go for natural oak or choose a bright, modern colour.

Materials that Speak Quality

Our doors are made to last from top-quality materials. Whether you love the look of solid wood or prefer something sleeker, we have what you need. Our doors combine beauty with strength, perfect for any kitchen.

We offer endless choices with quality always in mind. Every door is made with the best materials using the latest methods. This means your customisation is not just about looks. It’s also about choosing what’s best for you.

custom kitchen doors

Feature Description
Styles Available Shaker, Slab, Framed, and more
Materials Solid Wood, Laminate, Veneer, Glass
Finishes Matte, Gloss, Wood Finish, Lacquered
Customisation Colour, Size, Material, Handle types

Personalising your kitchen means more than just mixing colours and styles. Every detail is important, from cabinets to handles. Choosing the best materials helps make your space truly yours. It’s an exciting process. Let us guide you through creating your ideal kitchen.

Exploring Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

The style of your kitchen cabinet doors is key to how your kitchen looks and works. We offer many door styles to match any liking or theme.

kitchen cabinet door styles

Five-piece fronts are great for those who value tradition and detail. They look best in refined or traditional spaces, adding depth and quality. On the other hand, slab style doors are perfect for modern looks. They have clean lines and a sleek finish for modern to casual designs.

Choosing the right finish can change the feel of a room. Neutral whites keep things fresh and clean, while bold colours like red or black stand out. Matt finishes are great for a modern yet subtle look, available in many colours. Gloss finishes make small spaces look bigger by reflecting light.

Integrated handles are a rising trend. They create a modern, sleek look. Glass doors can break up solid cabinets and display glassware or special items.

  • Consider textured door fronts for something different. They look like materials such as dark stone, adding unique detail.
  • Timber doors from sustainable UK forests are both strong and eco-friendly, perfect for those focused on durability and sustainability.
  • Curved fronts have a luxurious feel. They soften the kitchen’s look, ideal for homes with children or pets.

The size and shape of your kitchen influence cabinet door choices too. There are options for any space, from full-height doors to special sizes for tall cabinets or drawers.

Learn more about these stylish and practical options with our detailed kitchen doors buying guide. It will help you choose the best for your kitchen’s needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Sustainable Choice

We believe in kitchen cabinet refacing for a greener kitchen upgrade. It keeps your current cabinets strong and gives them a new look. Plus, it’s better for our planet by using fewer materials than a full remodel.

Eco-Friendly Remodelling Options

Eco-friendly remodelling means less waste and using earth-friendly materials. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a perfect green choice. We change only the doors and fronts and update the hardware, which cuts down on waste a lot.

Eco-friendly kitchen remodelling

Preserving Your Kitchen’s Charm

Kitchen cabinet refacing keeps your kitchen’s warmth and style. We can keep its original layout but update it with fresh materials. From classic wood looks to shiny modern styles, your kitchen will look new while still feeling like home.

Want to make your kitchen better without a big, costly change? Refacing your cabinets is clever, eco-friendly, and friendly on your wallet. It holds onto your kitchen’s unique features while looking after our environment.

Custom Kitchen Doors Tailored to Your Home

Our team knows each home is unique. So, we craft custom kitchen doors that fit just right. Whether it’s a snug kitchen or a spacious one, our solutions match perfectly. They add an elegant touch to your space.

Every part of our design is made with you in mind. We work closely to get your vision right. This ensures the doors match your style and the design of your home.

  • Measuring and consultation to capture precise dimensions and style preferences.
  • Designing custom kitchen doors that align with your home’s existing décor.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship to transform quality materials into stunning kitchen doors.

These custom doors aren’t just wood. They’re about showing who you are and what you love. We’re here to turn your kitchen into a place that celebrates your unique style.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Door Designs

Choosing the right cabinet door designs boosts both your kitchen’s look and how well it works. Look at door styles, hinges, and how they match your countertops and hardware. This creates a kitchen that’s stunning and easy to use. We’ll show you how to pick with care and flair.

Understanding Door Styles and Hinges

Door styles really affect how your kitchen looks and works. You might love the classic shaker look or the modern flat-panel style. Hinge choice also matters, affecting how long your doors last and how they work. Soft-close hinges make doors quiet and gentle when closed.

Coordinating with Countertops and Hardware

Team your cabinet doors with the right countertops and hardware to lift your kitchen’s style. Linking your door style to your countertop material and using the right handles can make everything match. Think about combining dark wood doors with granite counters and stainless steel handles for a modern vibe.

Think about how the colours and textures work together. They should complement each other nicely.

Customising for Functionality and Aesthetics

Designing your kitchen is more than picking styles and colours. It’s about making it perfect for you. Adding special features like pull-out bins or extra drawers can make your kitchen more useful. Here’s how to make everything fit together:

  • Make sure to measure well so that everything fits perfectly.
  • Pick materials that are both good-looking and strong. They shape your kitchen’s look and last longer.
  • Show your style through the finish and hardware. This makes the kitchen truly yours.
Feature Functionality Aesthetic Impact
Soft-close Hinges Stops doors from slamming, extends their life Makes doors feel high-quality and smooth
Pull-out Bins Helps to manage waste better Makes the kitchen neater and more streamlined
Integrated Spice Racks Makes it easier to find and use spices Gives a unique touch to doors

In summary, think about door styles, how they match with your kitchen’s features, and adding special touches to make it work well for you. Your decisions shape not just how your kitchen looks, but how it feels to use. This leads to a kitchen that’s perfect for your needs and style.


Transform Interiors loves to make your dream kitchen a reality. We offer custom kitchen doors to meet your style and needs. Our choices are made with top-quality materials for long-lasting beauty.

Choosing us for kitchen cabinet refacing brings style and care for the planet. We keep what’s there and update what’s needed. This approach cuts down on waste and keeps your kitchen unique for longer.

We fit our custom doors perfectly into your kitchen design. Our experts will help you choose the best door designs and accessories. This makes your kitchen both beautiful and practical. Get in touch with us at Transform Interiors for a kitchen that’s just right for you.


How can custom kitchen doors transform my kitchen?

Custom kitchen doors are a great budget-friendly way to improve your kitchen. By swapping your cabinet doors for custom ones, you quickly upgrade your kitchen’s look. This gives your kitchen a personal touch.

What styles and finishes are available for custom kitchen doors?

We have a variety of styles and finishes for custom doors. You can pick from modern to rustic designs to fit your kitchen’s theme. Our doors come in different finishes, including solid wood and shaker style, for a classic touch.

Are the custom kitchen doors made from high-quality materials?

Yes, our custom doors use only high-quality materials, ensuring durability. Whether you like solid wood or shaker style, they’re made to last. They’re strong enough to handle daily kitchen use.

Can I customize the size of the custom kitchen doors?

Definitely, we custom make doors to fit any kitchen size. Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, we provide doors that fit perfectly. This ensures your kitchen looks well put together.

How do I choose the perfect cabinet door design for my kitchen?

Choosing the right cabinet door involves looking at several things like style and function. Our experts will help you. They’ll explain different door designs and advise you. This way, your kitchen will look exactly as you want.

What is kitchen cabinet refacing, and why is it a sustainable choice?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is updating your kitchen by only changing the fronts. This keeps the cabinet frames, cutting down on waste, time, and cost. It’s great for the environment and your budget.

How can I preserve the charm of my kitchen with cabinet refacing?

Refacing keeps your kitchen’s original feel, perfect if your cabinets hold sentimental value. By changing just the fronts, you maintain your kitchen’s unique look. This way, old features or special memories stay intact.

How do I get started with transforming my kitchen using custom kitchen doors?

To get started, reach out to us. You can submit an enquiry on our website or call us on01992 643 006. Our team is ready to help you create your ideal kitchen. Let us turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

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